RIFFTERA To release ‘Pitch Black’ On August 28th


RIFFTERA‘s debut album Pitch Black will be released on August 28th 2015 by Inverse Records. It contains 8 songs and 54 minutes of angry, tight, crushing and yet beautiful riff-oriented metal. Excluding drum recordings and mastering, which were done by a professional, the album is completely homemade. Drums on the album has been played by a session drummer Thomas Tunkkari. Singer of SOILWORK – Björn “Speed” Strid, is featuring on a song called “Rotten To The Core”. A lyric video for  “Rotten To The Core” can be seen below.

Pitch Black Track list:
1. Back To Life (5:22)
2. One Step Closer (5:53)
3. Lightbringer (5:27)
4. Ashes Fall (7:03)
5. Rotten To The Core (6:20)
6. Open Wounds (5:24)
7. The Ruins Of The Empire (6:40)
8. Pitch Black (11:48)

Janne Hietala – Guitar & harsh vocals
Mikko Kuoppamaa – Guitar & clean vocals
Antti Pöntinen – Keyboards
Jupe Karhu – Bass


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