Riptorn – Open Your Third Ear

Beer, women’s reproductive organs, and eight-minute instrumentals: what could be more metal than that?

All of that and more is explored on Tampa, Florida based Riptorn’s debut album, Open Your Third Ear. Riptorn are a self-described Stoner-Thrash band “for fans of Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, and Tenacious D.” They hit all three of those marks throughout the 10-track album.

Open Your Third Ear opens with an interesting drum intro which quickly breaks into a mash of thrash from the whole band. The album’s second track, “Bowl Patrol,” is where the good stuff takes off. Some humorous lyrics are met with some fantastic instrumental work to really show what Riptorn has to deliver. “The Grip” gives us that distorted bass intro that every stoner album needs and it is my favorite song on the record. “High Speed DSL” gets us back into the thrash mood and gives some humorous lyrics that your IT-oriented friend might enjoy. “Moyst Oyster” was released as  a single back in 2015 and makes a triumphant return to the debut album.

This record definitely shows more of the thrash side to Riptorn that is fused more with hardcore punk than stoner. That is, until the album’s closer “The Wrath of Torn.” This eight-minute masterpiece wraps up the album the way any metal band should: with instrumental excellence and leaving us begging for more.

Guitarists Brad Jones and Ben Salzberger lay down a pleasurable experience throughout the whole record. Half of the album’s tracks end with a tantalizing guitar solo that put great caps on some heavy pounding songs. The best closing solo has to be on “Moyst Oyster.” Bassist Ken Nguyen also gets a mention for his ability to put down some punishing bass lines with some flavor added in there. The drums and vocals are nothing groundbreaking, but do their part to add to the experience.

Releasing a debut album is always a thrilling experience. All of the blood, sweat, and beers that go into a band are finally worth it now. Riptorn should have no problem “rippin’ and tearin'” through the metal scene when their album drops this year.

Open Your Third Eye will be released on August 31, 2018.

Track Listing:

  1. I’m Practicing
  2. Bowl Patrol
  3. Drink a Fifth (Plead the Fifth)
  4. The Grip
  5. High Speed DSL
  6. Moyst Oyster
  7. We Want More
  8. Mr. Mystery Man
  9. New Song Idea (skit)
  10. The Wrath of Torn

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