ROBERT PLANT Calls Rock Star Life ‘An Affliction’


According to The Pulse Of Radio, Robert Plant feels that not allowing success get to your head and heart is the secret to staying a true artist. Plant’s latest solo set with backing band SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS has earned the former LED ZEPPELIN frontman a Top 10 hit on the Billboard 200 album chart — and rose as high as No. 2 in the UK. Robert says that he’s content to explore his creative path the weary he’s always done — despite being one of the most famous singers in rock. He explained to Classic Rock magazine, “We are so lucky, and so stimulated, and that comes into the music. It’s shocking to me that some ‘rock stars’ live the life of hotel rooms and backstage, and they don’t want to go anywhere. It’s just having a curious mind.”

To the frustration of ZEPPELIN fans across the globe, Plant has refused to reform the band and hit the road, instead choosing to follow his muse into the world of blues, jazz, and world music. When suggested that someone of his stature tends to lead a “more protected life,” Plant said: “Well, that’s an affliction. I mean, life doesn’t stop because you have a purple patch. The only reason that anything ever happened to me in the first place was because I was in good company. And then more so, or probably equally as much, we adventured. [Jimmy] Page and I, with a couple of roadies. We just kept going and looking. And in the pre-Sahara, or Aberystwyth, or Tunis, people don’t care who you are. And I need to be around that feeling. So that I can be counted for my moment in anybody’s life just like anybody else. So I don’t feast with the gods.”

Robert Plant maintains that the only way to stay relevant to himself, let alone an audience, is to constantly be moving and growing artistically. “I like to dig deep with the people I’m around,” he said. “Wherever I might in whatever circumstances; and that’s not just based on being a singer — that’s based on living a life. I mean, I’m pretty much of a, kind of a, a kind of strange firework, all the way though my life. I’m whizzing around and I don’t know which way I’m going to spring next. It really was quite a sobering revelation, really, to find that everything that I left behind was what I really cherish.”

Robert Plant and his SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS will next perform on March 13 in Mexico City, Mexico.

Plant’s next U.S. date is set for June 5 in Hunter, New York at the Mountain Jam festival at Hunter Mountain.

Source: Blabbermouth