ROBERT PLANT Says Liberation From LED ZEPPELIN Pre-Dated ‘Raising Sand’ Success


According to The Pulse Of Radio, Robert Plant has taken a lot of flack from LED ZEPPELIN fans that assumed that “Raising Sand” — the 2007 Grammy Award-winning Americana team-up with Alison Krauss — was the moment he finally decided to move away from ZEPPELIN-like music. Plant explained to Classic Rock magazine that he’s always been moving in different directions throughout his now-33-year solo career. “That’s your perception of it,” he said. “I mean, THE HONEYDRIPPERS, if you go back to 1984, was another huge record. And now I listen to it and I’m not particularly enamored [of it], because I’ve learned so much more about how to do what I do, and the choice of songs was quite obvious. But I can still do that s**t. So I was surprised with how ‘Raising Sand’ was embraced, yes. But it was a very good job done.”

He went on to say, “[2005’s] ‘Mighty ReArranger’ was for me the first album that I’d written since leaving the 20th century. It was ‘Mighty ReArranger’ that gave me a voice again; ‘Raising Sand’ was more of a vacation.”

Plant has taken a scaled back approach in most aspects of his career, from writing, recording, touring — and now, even management, explaining, “I used to have big management. But they want you to do obvious things. And when you do obvious things, that’s when the illness starts. You start doing obviously things and people aground you start smelling opportunities for other things. That’s the distortion.”

Robert Plant explained that throughout his career he’s luckily been able to rise to heights of the talent surrounding him. “It’s the company you keep, y’know?” he said. “I mean, that’s the very essence of life within and surrounding music. I mean, I’m very, very fortunate not to be held down by not being an instrumentalist. I can, kind of, arrive and disappear and I can add to a moment with a group of people — or I can destroy the moment.”

ROBERT PLANT PRESENTS SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS will next perform on March 13 in Mexico City, Mexico at Vive Latino at Foro Sol.

Source: Blabbermouth