ROCK HALL Curator Arrested After Trying To Sell Stolen EAGLES Lyrics

Craig Inciardi

Three men, including a curator for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, have been charged with conspiracy to allegedly sell more than $1 million worth of stolen lyrics and handwritten notes by EAGLES singer and guitarist Don Henley.

According to court documents, nearly 100 pages of Henley’s notes, including lyrics to “Hotel California” and “Life in the Fast Lane,” were stolen in the late 1970s by an author hired to write a biography of the band.

Craig Inciardi, Glenn Horowitz and Edward Kosinski are accused of conspiring to sell Henley’s pages through auction houses, even though they knew the items were stolen, according to Rolling Stone.

Henley has been trying to recover the manuscripts for years after the documents were allegedly stolen in the 1970s by an unnamed biographer, who pawned them off to Horowitz in 2005, according to officials. He then allegedly recruited Inciardi and Kosinski in an effort to “sell off the documents to various auction houses, as well as trying to ‘coerce’ Henley into buying back the property that rightfully belonged to him.”

All three men have been charged with conspiracy in the fourth degree, which carries up to a four-year prison sentence. Additionally, a charge of first-degree attempted criminal possession of stolen property and two counts of hindering prosecution have been levied against Horowitz while Inciardi and Kosinski are looking at first degree counts of criminal possession as well.