Rock Rockies Announce ‘Bad Girl’ Single; Artwork Revealed

The Egyptian classic rock band ROCK ROCKIES will release their new single “Bad Girl” on Saturday, December 31, 2016.

James Massi from ROCK ROCKIES said about the song during the recording sessions at the studio; “new sound, new riffs and it’s dirty song!”  

Also, the band’s drummer, Patrick Khalil, said about the song that it’s “The dirty good old-school Rock with a modern progressive twist”

“Bad Girl” artwork have been designed by Karim Hamdy and can be seen below. Guitars and drum lines have been recorded by Taher Saleh at Dream Studio. In addition to the band is going to record the main and back vocal lines by the operating sound engineer “Mena Ezzat” at Sound of Sakia studios. “Bad Girl” have been mixed and mastered by Mohamed Omar