Romuvos – Spirits Review

When we all think of bagpipes our minds are immeadiately transported to the foggy highlands of Scotland. It’s a natural thing for us as we are ore used to this thinking. Truth is that the bagpipe have been played for centuries throughout large parts of Europe, Northern Africa, Western Asia, around the Persian Gulf and northern parts of South Asia. Things you, my child of the night, will find only here at Metal Addicts.

All right, I say this because our band of today is Romuvos with “Spirits,” a Folk Metal album with a strong slant of bagpipes and ancient instruments. Truth be told, “Spirits”comes also with the true spirit – I don’t mean to pun here – of paganism, which is, in short, all religions that existed before Christianism. The album goes back in time and space taking the fan to a trip thrpugh ancient sonancies mixed with modern Metal guitars. The fan will find in here a very melodic music with those emotional chantings that make us singalong without even noticing.

But, what do Romuvos have to offer different from other Folk Metal bands?

Well, first of all, their music is less guitar driven than the others. I mean, there are big guitars here, but they’re not prominent. In short, “Spirits” got traditional tunes and added guitars to give them a Metal sonancy. The highlight here are the traditional instruments and chantings. “Fire,” for instance, is a great example. Album warmer “Snake Dance” invites the fan to join the old spirits of the Earth and gather around the fire. It’s a very strong invitation that gets more and more powerful as long the song goes rolling on. There are no vocals as we know. It’s a chanting that goes on and on. It’s impossible not to hear the call the hypnotic guitars on “Sun and the Morning Star” make us.

“Spirits” isn’t a common album; it’s a call. A call from the past. A call from ancient times calling us to gather around and feel the energy from the Earth.

Romuvos “Spirits” was released on February 09th via Hammerheart Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Snake Dance
  2. Sun and the Morning Star
  3. World Tree
  4. Become as One
  5. Garden of the Sun
  6. Spirits of the Oak
  7. Fire
  8. Crescent Moon

Watch “Sun and the Morning Star” official lyric video here: