Roni Lee – A Lifetime Review

Some people are able  to see colors in music. I can’t tell my dear child of the night how this works because I don’t know how. Not even the basics, but I’ve heard and read something about it. Some other people are capable of identifying a note by hearing it. It’s called absolute pitch. History goes that Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore has it. I have the ability of giving music adjetives. It’s the ability of expressing an album in one word. “A Lifetime” is sexy. The music Roni Lee do here in “A Lifetime” is absolutely and totally and completely sex. An advice if I may, start your appreciation by “Last Lover” to get to know what I’m talking about. Her sassy warm voice gives a totally different path to the song. Totally 1970s provocative vibe. She has that warm provocative voice. The music in here is the mix and combination of Led Zeppelin with Bon Jovi plus some The Runaways.

After listening with close attention to “A Lifetime” the impression I got was that it has its deep roots on 1970s provoking Hard Rock. Roni Lee are Deeply on bands as the aforementioned The Runaways with some David Bowie and even some Sweet. First time I heard “I Wanna be Where the Boys Are” I thought it was a cover of T-Rex “20th Century Boy.” Well, as a matter it wasn’t, but it tastes so good. To me each track I listen is a surprise because this kind of music is hardly done these days. It’s such a pity that Hard Rock lost this sexy vibe Roni Lee bring. Besides all that there is an extreme competent and energitic instrumental with a guitar that is sharp in its interventions and a bass that gives all the heavyness heavy music requires. For the ones who missed some melody the band delivers “Lonely Girl” the mandatory ballad with an amazing eletric piano. The track would be a hit in the 1970s for sure side by side Nazareth’s “Love Hurts” with no doubt. Maybe the most 1970’s track of the album.

If my dear child of the night wants to get a hold of what the 1970’s had to offer “A Lifetime” is a great opportunity. An album with some different sonancies as “Prisioner” or the groovy “I Don’t Like the Rain” with a funky guitar clean guitar that contrast with the overdrive. Tastes like Santana, if my dear child of the night knows what I’m talking about. An album with lots of references out of Metal music umbrella but still worth it.

Roni Lee “A Lifetime” was released on September 09th via Play Like a Girl Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Prove It
  2. I Don’t Like the Rain
  3. Doll Face
  4. Last Lover
  5. I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are
  6. Situation
  7. Cold Hearted Lover
  8. Heroes
  9. Lonely Girl
  10. Prisoner
  11. Love Myself Today

Watch “Heroes” official video here: