Saligia – Vesaevus

Metal music is always evolving and I have no doubt about it. In fact, it has evolved in so many ways that it’s almost impossible to track all them. There are literally zillion ways a Heavy Metal band has to improve itself and make our beloved music evolve.  Music allows lots of combinations that enhance the possibilities until almost infinite. One of them, and I guess the most used these days, is to combine old features with new ones; or even better, to combine typical features from a Metal subgenre with others. That’s what the fan will find if he’s listens to Saligia’s “Vesaevus.”

Bottom line, the mood in is a mix of what Melodic Death Metal offers to the fan which is Death Metal vocals with Heavy Metal or Power Metal instrumentals. Saligia do that but a little slower and with much more creepy mood. “Vesaevus” is much more moody than its Melodic Death Metal’s peers because it is darker and gloomier. Almost a Funeral Doom, but a little faster as in “Malach Ahzari” with its almost Speed Metal instrumental. Vocals do a lot of difference in “Vesaevus” because vocalist Ahzari tries many combinations of rough and gutural vocals that give the impression that he’s doing much more. The impression is that he’s giving everything he’s got to pass the desired emotion to the fan. An he gets it. “Poison Wine” exemplifies this very well. Emotion is always the most important component in this mixture, though it is so complex to the common music consumer – Yes, I used this term, but on purpose because there is no such thing for me as consuming music. Music you enjoy, you explore, you feel, you cry, you yell, and many other verbs, but never ever consume. For that Saligia’s “Vesaevus” isn’t for consumption. It’s to slowly enjoy and taste. To listen to tracks as “Draining the Well” and “A Nuisance” and think ‘What the hell is this guy talking about?.’ The one who consumes music will never think of that.

I know it is so hard to explain all this to laymen. Metal is too much for their empty minds poisoned wiht all kinds of poisons that the god market have given them for all those years. It is too much I know. The emotion is too strong. Metal is for the strong at heart, and Saligia’s “Vesaevus” give a good name for it.

Saligia’s “Vesaevus” will be released on November 29th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ashes

  2. Malach Ahzari

  3. Poison Wine

  4. The Feather Of Ma’at

  5. Draining the Well

  6. A Nuisance

  7. Vesaevus 

Watch “Vesaevus” album trailer here:

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