SCARLET AURA Announce Book And Album Release Event In Bucharest In December

Scarlet Aura
Photo credit: Miluta Flueras

After returning from their 26-dates headlining “Hot’n’Heavy Album Release Tour” in China, SCARLET AURA will host special Book and Album release event on 19th December 2018 in Bucharest at Libmag!

SCARLET AURA, the most famous female fronted Heavy Metal band in Romania, is launching the new album “Hot`n`Heavy” and the first volume in the fantasy trilogy “The Book of Scarlet! Vol. I – Ignition”, is written in English by Aura Danciulescu, the voice of the band and integrates in the fantasy story the lyrics of the “Hot`n`Heavy” album. The launching event will take place on December 19th in Bucharest at the Libmag Library on the I.C.Bratianu Blvd. 6 and will be completed by an autograph session.

Tickets available here.

Aura explains: “I really wanted to invite a big audience in the Scarlet world that we live in and we are singing of, and for this reason I chose to write this book. Not only songs from the album, such as “Hail to you!”, “Hate is evanescent, Violence is forever,” “Light be my guide” or “Fallin’ to pieces” will make the action, but also the characters in the book – you will find them not only fantastic, but also very sympathetic. The lyrics and songs themselves are complemented by the events taking place or emotions transmitted and I highly recommend that you read them and to listen to those songs on the album. I guarantee you that you will achieve better knowledge of us as artists, a deeper understanding of our messages and you will travel to the amazing world full of magic and love, of trust and friendship, of good and evil, of darkness and light, the world that we adore, the spirit we live every day on the stage through our show and through the messages we want to convey, a world in which, last but not least, you can find yourself!”

“Ignition” also includes original crayon sketches made by the author, visual milestones of a journey into a fantasy world of heroes who sacrifice for the ultimate good of mankind.

The cover was made by Iulian Agapie and graphics by Rafael Fau.

“A really fascinating story of Good and Bad, Heaven and Hell, World of Fire and the World of Light. Both worlds that exist together in symbiosis and cannot live by themselves alone. They are forever connected – in physical and spiritual way. A “wild” story, with so much imagination in mind, that loosely resembles Terry Pratchett`s Discworld.  Humorous, brave in its dreams. A story that overturns the perception of good and bad. After all, we all have in ourselves the spark that ignites the fire and the light. This book does it too. And that is just the beginning. New masters of Heaven and Hell were born. So, let Scarlet live… the first battle on Earth has ended… new one is approaching on the horizon- … “with a smiley face at the end”.Dimo Petkov (Krossfire)

“Clever combination of humor together with takes on heavy and serious subjects of life, love, friendship, reality, religion and humanity would make it appealing to any reader, especially those with interest in self-discovery. The actions in the book are also set in many cultural places of Aura’s home country – Romania, making the reader to wish to visit those places one day or soon. “The book of Scarlet – Ignition” is a must read for anyone who is a fan of metal and rock music (obviously!), of fantasy genre (the likes of Robert Asprin and Terry Pratchett), witty stories about the good and evil and self-awareness”Dr. Tatyana Shubina (Outlanders Productions)

“This book is a full of candor piece and reveals the innocent abandon of the author, a confession full of thrills with the pen in the hand of the demiurgic, that is reinventing herself, inventing a fantastic world that interpose to the disquiet and the boundaries of this world, in which we become smaller because of the patterns and colossal illusions. Each triumph of the modern world`s come-down, falls in the face of the absurd kingdoms of fantastic, which gets a superior conscience in the same construction of the one that built it drowning it in the past, drowning the present, drowning in the illusion of time, burning the huge incertitude of the learned world in the favor of a civilization of the spooks, ghosts of light, faeries, witches, angels and demons. The fantastic of Aura evaluates her guided vocation with the capacity to annihilate the amorphous triumph, static, sad and necessarily tragic of a world full of crosses boosted for the spirit, a virtual world devastated by the excess of cynics and lucidity.”Manu Savu (Crossing Eternity)

“Hot’n’Heavy” track listing:

1. This Future Becomes Our Past
2. Hail To You
3. In The Name Of My Pain
4. Hot’n’Heavy
5. Fallin’ To Pieces
6. Glimpse In The Mirror
7. You Bite Me I Bite You Back
8. Hate Is Evanescent, Violence Is Forever
9. Silver City
10. Light Be My Guide
11. Let’s Go F**kin’ Wild
Bonus Track:
12. Balkan Stars Project – To New Horizons

Scarlet Aura Hot 'N' Heavy