Schafott – The Black Flame

Schafott are a band that is on the edge of black metal and heavy metal. I mean, if there’s such thing. Black Metallers would say so, heavy metallers I really don’t know. But the point is, I suggest Schafott and “The Black Flame” to all the fans of early Slayer and Venom. “The Black Flame” is an effort which brings back a tradition of blackned Heavy Metal bands. And by the way, to hell with those who say Metal has no criativity. I’ll show them “The Black Flame.” This nine tracked effort features us how a band can be very creative without losing any inch of heaviness and power. Schafott are a heavy band, and that’s the pure truth. Yet some songs are fast, as “Saw the Salt.” But I guess it’s not the only intent. “The Black Flame” was meant to be a real piece of old school metal mixed with some dashes of blackned thrash metal. And this means tons of heavyness.

“The Black Flame” abuses of the black and occult thematic. No problem at all with that. As long as Schafott go on writing inspired songs like “Azazael’s Dream,” which is the best to me. Its riffing is just amazing. The same to “Satan’s Throne.” The guitar solos intervention are really inspired and precise, and also is the main riff. “Ostara” has a thrashy chorus, which highlights the song and gives it a more slayerish scent. Guitar licks here work with a hammering that shine the notes in order to give “Ostara” a heavier atmosphere. Funny that the title track, “The Black Flame,” pastes with “Ostara” so perfectly that we get the idea that “Ostara” is still playing. I guess that was the intent.

As I said in the begining, Schafott is an edgy band that will please any kind of headbangers specially the ones who appreciate an ordered chaos and noise.

Track Listing:

  1. Conflagration
  2. Ostara
  3. The Black Flame
  4. Azazael’s Dream
  5. Eucharistic Birth
  6. Total Cleansing
  7. By The Lust Of The Witch
  8. Satan’s Throne
  9. Sow The Salt

“The Black Flame” will burn on August 25th via High Roller Records.

You can watch the video to “Satan”s Throne” here.