SECOND SUN Release “Eländes Elände”

“Eländes Elände” is the second album from SECOND SUN. The Swedish band fronted by Jakob Ljungberg (ex Tribulation) combines influences of Space Rock, Progressive Rock and Hard Rock from the late 70´s to the early 80´s to their own unique blend of hypnotizing music. The debut album “Hopp/Förtvivlan” was released by American label Electric Assault and directly created a buzz around the band. There are higher peaks and deeper valleys on this new album. It´s a demanding record without being complex or fragmented. The tracks ranges from a Nazareth styled hard rock disco track “Vems Fel” to a more restrained Can meets the Stranglers in “No Respect.” “Eländes Elände” enables a part of the nerdy music history to a large group of listeners.
SECOND SUN recorded half of the album (“Noll Respekt,” “Sång till En Slagen Kämpe,” “Enda Sunda Människan i
Världen” and “Du Ska Se Att Det Blir Sämre”) with Olle Granat. When recording the first half, the band included Jakob Ljungberg, Adam Lindfors (Dead Lord), Sofia Rydahl (ex Gravmaskin) and Marcus Hedman (ex Moralens Väktare). After the first half of the recording session, Sofia left the band and they added guitarist David Grannas to their ranks. The rest of the album was recorded by Robert Pehrsson (Robert Pehrson’s Humbucker, Death Breath & Dundertåget). The recording got a rougher approach on the second part that gives the album a very lively feeling.
SECOND SUN have made an album where they find common ground with Camel, early Judas Priest and Jethro Tull.

Track Listing:
1. Vems Fel (3:02)
2. Förneka Allt (2:54)
3. Noll Respekt (3:27)
4. Sång Till En Slagen Kämpe (2:43)
5. Enda Sunda Människan i Världen (4:29)
6. Ingen Tid För Allting (3:56)
7. Du Ska Se Att Det Blir Sämre (5:02)
8. Det Betyder Allt (3:20)
9. Panikångestattack (4:03)
10. Eländes Elände (3:20)

Jakob Ljungberg – Vocals & Guitar
Marcus Hedman – Bass
David Grannas – Guitar
Adam Lindmark – Drums

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