SEPUTUS Premieres New Track ‘The Fist That Makes Flesh’


SEPUTUS is gearing up to release their first LP, “Man Does Not Give“, on October 21st through PRC Music, and “The Fist That Makes Flesh” is really about all the proof that you’ll need for seeing that this is going to be one of the month’s must-have pieces of extreme music. You can hear the track below.

A stunning new project by the members of the well-acclaimed US band PYRRHON, SEPUTUS take the already twisted template and bombard it with new influences such as of black metal, grindcore and noise, to give it an inhuman edge. Bizarre, wicked and downright outrageous in parts, the music is elegantly broken down, deliberately fragmented, and then carefully and with a devious mind concocted by melding the existing parts with new ones and built together with a vision that was previously thought impossible.

Titled “Man Does Not Give“, the album is a dark, twisted reflection of our thoughts, the jumbled up purpose of our existence. It’s an excursion into bold territories, new soundscapes and fearsome expression emanating from the darkest recesses of the mind. The music is fiercely individualistic yet portraying a chilling similarity to life all around us in this era.


1. The Fist That Makes Flesh
2. Downhill Battle
3. Soft Palates Rasp
4. Desperate Reach
5. Top Of The Food Chain
6. Two Great Pale Zeroes
7. Vestigial Tail
8. Attrition Tactics
9. Haruspex Retirement Speech
10. A Perfect Gentleman
11. Wetwork Hangover
12. No Mind Will Enshrine Your Name

Runtime: 35:51

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