SERJ TANKIAN Release Lyrics Video For Track ‘Your Mom’

Serj Tankian 2020

SYSTEM OF A DOWN frontman Serj Tankian has launched a lyrics video for the track “Your Mom“. The video was directed by artist and animator David Bradford, who has worked with Serj Tankian on solo projects and also projects with SYSTEM OF A DOWN. Check out the new video below.

Tankian comments: “Your Mom is bada*s. She kicks terrorists a*s. This song goes out to your Mom. Thankful for this cool and funny lyric video by D. S. Bradford

Bradford explains his concept for the “Your Mom” clip: “As I listened to the beginning of the song, with the more mellow acoustic guitar, I envisioned a brave bird flying over a countryside, unaware of the danger waiting in the ashen, war-torn lands ahead. This didn’t stop the bird from gliding into danger and took the form of ‘Your Mom’. As the fighters continue their campaign of destroying the Earth with their bombs and chaos, the mom summons the strength from her connection to Mother Earth and becomes the personification of justice against the fighters. She kicks their asses and returns to the form of a bird, perched on the carcasses of the destroyers and restores the Earth’s balance.

The track “Your Mom” is the third song from Tankian‘s five-track EP Elasticity to receive a visual accompaniment, with the Los Angeles- and New Zealand-based musician previously releasing both the Vlad Kaptur-directed video for  Elasticity and the politically charged “Electric Yerevan” video.

Elasticity is available now digitally and on CD, with the galaxy-colored vinyl version of the album arriving on April 30th. A collection of autographed, and limited-edition Elasticity-themed merchandise can also be found on the Tankian webstore.