SERPENT LORD Releases New Song ‘Divine Plane’ Feat. STU BLOCK

Serpent Lord band 2021

The Greek heavy metallers SERPENT LORD have unleashed their new music video for the song “Divine Plane.” It’s an epic and intense heavy metal song with a strong riff, an irresistible pace, and the mighty Stu Block (ex-ICED EARTH, ANNIHILATOR, INTO ETERNITY) on guest vocals.

The band’s upcoming album Apocrypha will be released on December 17th via From The Vaults.

According to the band, Apocrypha it’s a very dark and atmospheric album with a lot of black metal elements and progressive parts, while the lyrics are talking about subjects as trust and betrayal, love and hate, life and death, God and Devil.

The album was recorded at Infected Studios while the album cover is a painting from Maximos Manolis (ROTTING CHRIST, MASS INFECTION).

Apocrypha track listing:

  1. The Final Horseman
  2. Divine Plane
  3. Hail to Nothingness
  4. Love Covenant
  5. Inner Darkness
  6. Damned to Live
  7. Evil Source
  8. Humanity’s End
  9. Cursed Roots
Serpent Lord Apocrypha