SIGLOS Releases New Single ‘Morir Para Vivir’


Two-time Grammy nominated guitarist, Sin Quirin, continues to forge epic percussive singles with his new band, SIGLOS. SIGLOS features the transcendent strings of Sin Quirin, former iconic MINISTRY band member of 15 years, and the demanding vocals of Pedro Sanchez from the band TRANSTORNO.

Their latest single, “Morir Para Vivir,” is a rhythmic, explosive song reminiscent of tribal chants that harken to the band’s Latin heritage. This song ramps up the bloodstream and differs from their first single in the undeniable heaviness it induces in listeners. The song was written by Sin Quirin, with lyrics written by Pedro Sanchez, and was produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound. The video was directed by Matt Zane, DP/ Colorist James Smith. Cover artwork by Nestor Avalos. Management by Shawn Barusch, Music Gallery International.

Sin Quirin wanted the second single to be different than the first and to showcase the range in the heaviness of the first song. The music video features the band enthralled in the song’s pulsating chords while a Shaman performs a ritualistic cleansing on lead vocalist Pedro Sanchez. “it was a pretty special, unique and enlightening experience for us all…having him perform this sacred ritual right there in front of us,” he says.

Lyricist and vocalist, Pedro Sanchez, revealed that the writing process took place during the loss of a family member and loved one, causing deep introspection and an ability to process things differently, lending a heavy hand to the song’s instant intensity and immediate attention. Pedro says, “The meaning to Morir Para Vivir is when you die, you leave a legacy of new generations and you keep living through them…as well as when you go through an experience and you die and come back, you kill your ego– coming back more alive than ever with great gratitude. We all have this knowledge; we just forget it.”

This sentiment is echoed by producer Alex Crescioni’s recording of the single. He says, “Morir Para Vivir knocks you in the face straight away with heavy industrial riffage, creating the circular mechanical hook of the track…My goal was to bring the mix to an explosive and grandiose level, enchanting the listener into an empire of evil and elegance.” With heavier, faster riffs, Morir Para Vivir creates a percussive groove that vibrates and crushes the listeners’ bones.