Silver R.I.S.C – Knot Over Review

Now I’ve got an album from a recent band to quote when I need to give an example of Melodic Heavy Metal. From head to toe, this “Knot Over” is one of the most melodic albums I’ve ever heard. The thing is that all over the album Silver R.I.S.C abuse of the melody, but don’t let it lose one inch of power. The balance between heavyness and melody is pretty safe here.

The album commences with the beautiful and sweet “Anna” whose gentle initial acoustic guitar arragement make it one of the most beautiful intros of the year. But, then, suddenly there is a big NWOBHM shift in the song taking it to early Accept realm from albums as “Breaker” when the band was trying the right doses of melody and heaviness. Silver Risc seem to be doing the same here with lots of singalong choruses. Following track “Cry No More” makes the fan singalong from the beginning. The kind of strong emotion only Metal music passes. “Nothing for Me” has a string section that makes it pretty melancholic – the more accurate term I found to explain the feeling. There is such a sadness that interweaves the guitars and the string section plus the emotional vocals. Pure Accept, if you ask me. The kind of song to listen with an open heart and prepare the hanky. Now the balance is restored with a sequence of faster tracks as “The Sinner,” “Evil Waves,” this one with a great guitar riff inviting the fan to headbang and “Bad Person.” Then comes “She Smiles to the Rainbow” whose tittle tells everything there is to know about it. The song captures that 1970’s ballad feeling. On the other hand, “Wasted Tears” doesn’t follow the tittle and it’s a faster and heavier tune opening the way to the iconic grand finale “Trapped under the Ice” with all its grandness and a more than two minute intro with a mysterious keyboard sound opening the way to a fine bass and guitar strumming. Maybe that’s the track that explains the most the album and the band. Delusions are the word to what the lyrics wnat to pass the fan. Bitter facts of life are the motto to it.

Great album with great melodies. Silver R.I.S.C are a band that aren’t afraid of turning into many emotions  into Metal music of the highest quality. I respect it a lot.

Silver R.I.S.C was released on December 22nd via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Anna
  2. Cry No More
  3. Nothing for Me
  4. The Sinner
  5. Evil Waves
  6. Bad Person
  7. She Smiles to the Rainbow
  8. Wasted Tears
  9. Trapped under the Ice