Sinira – The Everlorn Review

My dear and beloved child of the night may think sometimes I’m a bit redundant because there are things that I keep on writing here. The fact is that when I listen to a band as Sinira I feel obliged to tell millenials and newcomers of all kinds the long and tortous path Metal music has been through throughout its more than fifty years of existence. Metal music didn’t turn out to be what we are listening today out of the blue. There’s been a lot of sweat, blood and tears. A lot of blood and guts!

It’s not because Melodic Black Metal is melodic that it can’t be dark and gloomy. In fact, from where I’m standing the guitars now acquire a devilish beauty that it is hard to explain in words. I guess that the fan that listen to Melodic Death Metal will understand perfectly what I’m saying. There are lots of resemblances with the two subgenres. More precisely when it comes to guitars. The change of tones gives the guitar an incendiary mood and intent. The riffing loses its mesmerizing concepts to acquire a neat artwork that makes it really pretty and contrasting even more with death growls and witchish vocals. Even the drumming acquires a different mood being fast, but not astonishingly fast as many peers. “The Everlon” shows the pure Black Metal art enlaced and entangled with a pure beastly beauty. The long and inspired tracks of it show a diverse musical world that Sinira have entered. Once melodic, always melodic. There’s no turning back. By the way, the good old dissonances are here as well in tracks as the title track “The Everlorn” which delivers an insane cadence full of acid guitars performed as fast as it is possible. Listen to the guitars of “Gardens of Pestilence” and be amazed of such tone that makes the fan jawbreaks.

To listen to a band as Sinira makes me wonder what’s the future of Metal kind as all boundaries are being pushed away. It’s a no way out path. Of course, I guess, old school black metalers won’t like the band and the album due to its modern features. Well, it’s really impossible to please everybody and I guess no black metaler would. It’s wonderful to be able to listen clearly to all instruments and the add of melody has a great part in it. Sinira are heavy and dark but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel.

will be released on February 26th via Northern Silence Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Where Starlight Does Not Shine
  2. Gardens of Pestilence
  3. The Everlorn
  4. Souls of the Flame
  5. Tear Ladened Skies
  6. Our Final Nightfall
  7. Dawnless Twilight
  8. Omega XI

Watch “The Everlorn” official video here:

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