Sisyphean – Colours of Faith Review

This album was received as being a Dissonant Black Metal. That was the thing that helped me picking this Sisyphean “Colours of Faith” to review in a week of so many albums to cover. Different approaches always make me interested and as my dear may have read once in a while – just a few times – those different approaches as the term dissonant are the ones that attract me the most. To me the term dissonant fits like a glove to Black Metal. In my mind there is nothing like some dissonances to arise contrasts in the music. The atmosphere of chaos that dissonances brings to Black Metal fills the music in order to give it the color it needs even in a Black Metal album where everything sure has a color. It doesn’t matter what color.

To be really honest I expected more dissonances in the album. Ok, I know there’s a limit to the use of dissonances in music. If it is too dissonant, it gets impossible to listen to it. I just think a little more boldness would give “Colours of Faith” more color – it’s not a pun or a redundance. Sisyphean could really use some more of it. Perhaps to my dear child of the night the amount of dissonances here is perfectly well. Somehow I have to agree. “Exiles,” for instance, is just perfect the way it is. The contrast guitars/vocals does a good picture here. The same to “Open Wounds” and its striking initial moments. Its slow and shoegaze cadence brings an effect I really like. The insane guitar riffing that acompanies the change of pace is also great. However, it’s “Conqueror” that delivers everything I expected from the beginning. The uneasy mood the song brings to light – hum, light? – got me by the guts. Here I have the dissonances I’ve really wanted. It’s not only the despair, but also the relentless spirit of unconformity. Metal is all about unconformity, let’s agree with that. Even more with the rules and regulations of music itself. The best grand finale I would ever expect.

I’ll be always open to listen to bands that dare to play out of the book. That’s the spirit of Metal music. Never be satisfied, never be enough. Of course, this may come in a very diverse way. But the intent is always that.

Sisyphean “Colours of Faith” will be released on May 27th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Before the Light
  2. Scorched Timeless
  3. Hearts of Mercury
  4. Sovereigns of Livid Hope
  5. The Descent
  6. Exiles
  7. Open Wounds
  8. Conqueror

Watch “Sovereigns of Livid Hope” official video here: