SKY CRYPT Release Debut Album, ‘Incipit Anarchia: The Element of Anger’


Russian Melodic Death Metal band SKY CRYPT have released their debut album “Incipit Anarchia: The Element of Anger”. The album was recorded at CDM Records with Andrey Ishchenko (Arkona, Melancholy) on drums and Sergey Lazar (Arkona, Rossomahaar) as a producer.

SKY CRYPT was formed in 2011 by Alexander Mikhailov and Marina Kuznetsova when they played in a band Volnovoy Front. After the band decided to make a break up Alexander and Marina moved to Moscow where they continue to work on SKY CRYPT.

You can buy the  “Incipit Anarchia: The Element of Anger” on iTunes here.

“Incipit Anarchia: The Element of Anger” track listing:

  1. Within the Anarchy
  2. The Prophecy
  3. Way into Dark
  4. Child of War
  5. Road to Power
  6. Leaving the Shadows
  7. Fire and Wind
  8. Element of Anger
  9. Cursed by Gods
  10. Exile
  11. Following the Light