SLAYER Completes Work On New Album And Sets Six Songs For Next One


Even though SLAYER has only just completed work on their 11th album, the band has already set aside six tracks for their 12th, which is not expected for the next several years.

SLAYER‘s forthcoming album will feature one song which was written by the band’s late guitar Jeff Hanneman and originally laid down during the sessions for 2009’s “World Painted Blood”.

“When Jeff got injured, I started making up boatloads of stuff, because I didn’t know, if Jeff contributed at all, how much he was gonna contribute,” Kerry said. “So I just took it upon myself to say, ‘Hey, man, if I get too much stuff, good for me.’ It turns out Jeff didn’t contribute anymore.”

The as-yet unnamed album features the return of drummer Paul Bostaph, who laid down his own version of Piano Wire. It also includes the band’s first recorded work with EXODUS guitarist Gary Holt, who’s been with them for five years.