SLIPKNOT’s SHAWN ‘CLOWN’ CRAHAN : What It Feels Like Performing In A Mask

SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan discussed the band’s signature masks, saying during a press conference (as transcribed by

“Playing in the mask… it’s the worst idea I’ve ever come up with in my life.

“When the show is over, I know I gave everything. The one thing that I love about it is that I don’t have a choice.

“We’ve created something we can’t get out of. We always joke, ‘Not getting out of it…’ We can never get out of those masks, no matter what.

“And when the show is over, we walk off the stage and I take that off, I know I gave everything I had that day.

“Because that thing makes you just go deep. Really, really far. [Laughs] It’s disgusting and I love it.”

Focusing on the band’s “Day of Gusano” documentary, Clown noted:

“To be perfectly honest, when some of the ideas were coming about what should we do, it’s been a little different, and I have heard stories of people selling their cars to get tickets to come to Knotfest.

“Doesn’t really make me too happy.

“So I thought the film crew should go out and film these people without us being there because we might alter their answers, their souls. You can see how they are affected when they are around us.

“So instead of me directing, we just took the local crews that had worked with them, that go out in the field and then bring it in and edit it later. So that’s how it was gonna work best without being altered emotionally.”