Social Scream – From Ashes To Hope Review

Social Scream From Ashes To Hope  Social Scream is a Heavy Metal band from Sparta, Greece, formed in 2008 as a cover metal band, performing many live shows around the country. However, the need for personal expression led them to compose original material, releasing their first album, “Epiclesis”, in 2014. Four years later, their second work, “Initiation to the Myth”, was released and in 2021 they presented their third album, “Organic Mindset” that gained great feedback and introduced the band to a larger audience. On January of 2021, a double cd collection entitled “From Ashes to Hope” was released, containing re-recorded versions of the first two albums, along with 4 bonus tracks. Now, if you are fans of the Social Scream and have followed the band since their first steps, you know what this collection means. For the rest of us who were introduced to them through the “Organic Mindset” album, the “From Ashes to Hopes” is 90 minutes of pure (Spartan) heavy metal and a chance to learn a bit more about their music. But mainly, 90 minutes of epic heavy metal which at least to me sounds incredible. The first disc of the compilation is the re-recording of their first album, “Epiclesis”, which begins with the instrumental song “Spartan Blood”. And when something begins in such a powerful manner you know that you are in for something great. The album is 45 minutes of pure heavy metal, closest to the European heavy standards, that ends like it started, in full force, with the songs “Where the Storm Goes” and the bonus track “Blacksmith R.I.P”, my personal favorite. The second disc, as you might have guessed it, is the “Initiation to the Myth” and fortunately is pretty different from the “Epiclesis”. Their sophomore work begins with the intro, “Rainbow of Souls”, but from the very first seconds of the second songs you understand the musical diversity of Social Scream. While it still is faithful to the heavy metal legacy, the “Initiation to the Myth” is way harsher and grittier, drawing inspiration from the American template and from bands like the Iced Earth and Flotsam and Jetsam. More ominous and aggressive, the sound of their sophomore work blends the heavy with the thrash metal, with such examples being the songs “Metal Retaliation” and “Wolf Karma” that balance between the two genres. Favorite song of the second album is clearly the “Wolf Karma”. Without having anything more to add, the “From Ashes to Hope” is a journey in the history and musical evolution and experimentation of Social Scream. Also, it is 45 minutes of pure heavy metal and 45 more of a blend of thrash and heavy, so I am sure that it will satisfy every taste.