SOCIETY 1 Release Video For New Acoustic Song ‘The Soul Searches’

Society 1

SOCIETY 1 have returned to creating and releasing music videos with production elements after the pandemic restrictions lifted for filming within Los Angeles, CA. During the self quarantine the band recorded and released two Lockdown Challenges from their residences and a cover of the Cory Hart classic “Sunglasses At Night.” Although the video for the latter was filmed with only selfie sticks on Hollywood Blvd. while observing social distancing guidelines.

“It was amazing recording audio and video right in our home studios then almost immediately releasing it during the lockdown. A breath of fresh air and a way to help us get through it. But I have to admit getting back to the production values of music videos has been another creative aspect I’ve missed.” explained lead vocalist Zane

“The Souls Searches” is the first acoustic song SOCIETY 1 has released since “No Salvation” which was featured on the bands last full length “Rise From The Dead”. The video is performance based with the band being surrounded by candles amidst a dark moody setting. Zane was inspired by the MTV series Unplugged.

“I absolutely loved the show Unplugged. The NIRVANA and ALICE IN CHAINS episodes are still a huge influence and I listen to them often. I always dreamt of being on there one day but unfortunately as we all know it no longer exists. I figured next best thing was to make my own version or a video with the same vibe.”