Somniate – We Have Proved Death Review

The term ‘we have proved death’ might mean a lot of things. In general, people use it to say they overcame a so grave situation that death was near or it was possible to feel the taste of it. Some say its taste is bitter. Philosophically, it might also mean a near death situation when the person gets to be between life or death medically speaking implying that this person had a glimpse of how the world after death is all about. As we’re talking about a Black metal band the second option might be more accurate. Regarding to the music I heard in “We Have Proved Death” I guess it’s bull’s eye as Somniate deliver a very emotional vocals which certainly fit to the album tittle. The album is a great sample of how modern Black Metal bands have inserted all kinds of emotional senses into their music nor only using vocals but also instrumentals.

The album is welcomed by the moody 1980’s Gothic Rock inspired “I Am Here and You Are Distant.” The main idea is to incorporate an emotional chaos to music. The fan here will feel all the opression and chaos Somniate planned to their music. The album is filled with an opressive mood in all tracks and this 1980’s Gothic Rock slant helps a lot. Following track “A Lamb at False Dawn” adds some more opression to Somniate’s cauldron of emotions. Another element that is always present is the despair being one of the best terms to use here as well. It’s not only the despair of being alive, but also the feeling of emptyness and nothingness that are in the air. Instrumentally speaking, the guitars abuse the technique of playing licks and phrases rarely making full power chords as it is usual to today’s Black Metal bands. The idea is besides adding other feelings to the music to leave the aggression to vocals and drumming. It’s not to soften the music, but to take it to another sonic dimension to get near the musical chaos. That’s exactly the idea “The Statue of Mirrors” delivers the fan being the nearest impression of what chaos is the fan will get. Here the guitar lines explore the existing discordances between the guitar and the bass. The effect is overwhelming. By the way, a highlight to the bass lines.

“We Have Proved Death” is a great sample of a Modern Black Metal that explores much more a sonic chaos trying to be much more of a cacophony. Somniate explore very well this cacophony effect even though they create a complex melodic moment as in “Black Soundless Sugar” which addresses to an avant garde performing. Those are the contrasts Black Metal delivers the fan today being emotionally very complex.

Somniate “We Have Proved Death” was released on July 14th via Lavadome Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. I Am Here and You Are Distant
  2. A Lamb at False Dawn
  3. The Statue of Mirrors
  4. Black Soundless Sugar
  5. Non-You
  6. We Have Proved Death

Watch “We Have Proved Death” official video here: