Soul Legend ARETHA FRANKLIN Is ‘Gravely Ill’ With Cancer, Doctors Say She Will Die Today

Photo by Sky News

New reports are saying that 76-year-old soul legend Aretha Franklin is “gravely ill” with cancer.

TMZ reported:

“A source very close to Aretha and a longtime dear friend tells TMZ he was told a week ago, ‘Prepare yourself, she’s dying.’

“The source adds Aretha was down to 86 pounds and her health was failing. The source says two weeks ago everyone in Aretha’s circle was told ‘she could go any time.’

“Another source – someone who has been close to Aretha for decades – tells TMZ she has been battling cancer.”

The source then added:

“Our sources say doctors have informed Aretha’s family today [Monday, August 13] is the day ‘Aretha will pass.'”

Associated Press reports:

“A person close to Franklin, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the person was not allowed to publicly talk about the topic, told The Associated Press on Monday that the singer is seriously ill. No more details were provided.”