Spectral Realm – Spectral Witch of the Hex River Review

The long way Black Metal has been through since Venom released the eponimous and genre blaster “Black Metal” in 1982. Ok, I’m aware that some may not agree with me about this. With all due respect I have for you my child of the night, but the first Black metal effort was Venom’s “Black Metal.” Of course, the way I see it. In fact, this allows us to make lots of comparisons and reasonings. To begin with, early Black Metal was proud to be raw, fast and furious with a lo-fi production. Completely different from what we have here with Spectral Realm “Spectral Witch of the Hex River” with a Symphonic Black Metal act. Much more complex and dense in comparison with early acts. It’s as if it were other genre. Well, it is, in fact.

Concept albums as “Spectral Witch of the Hex River” were nonexistent to early Black Metal bands. The dark and the gloomy took the act replacing hate for Christianism and all its symbols. “Spectral Witch of the Hex River” tells the story of a South African ghost legend according to Spectral Realm. This kind of music gives the creeps more than the old stuff, if you ask me. Production here is as polished as it is possible with great instrumentals and great vocals. The eerie voices sometimes are detached by clean and clear ones making an incredible extreme. I have to say that the guitars are fantastic and exciting. As a matter of fact, the drumming, the highlight of early Black Metal acts, isn’t that flamboyant. Sign of the times.

The music in “Spectral Witch of the Hex River” is in many ways exciting and alive. Spectral Realm prove that it’s possibile ot make serious music making it exciting and colorful – by colorful I mean full of nuances. The combination of a loud and clear guitar with vocals that are a bit awya form the standard is explosive – in the good sense. 

A fun fact of “Spectral Witch of the Hex River” is that I didn’t know it was a concept album. Experience showed it to me by the way the tracks are musically connected as if they were telling a story. And they really were.

Spectral Realm “Spectral Witch of the Hex River” was self-released on July 20th.

Track Listing:

  1. A Tragic Tale of a Spirits Creation
  2. Attachment of Her Possession
  3. Phantoms and Silhouettes
  4. The Ambiguous Quest
  5. Petals Reflecting Moonlight
  6. A Macabre Romanticism
  7. A Dark Mindset and a Magical Presence
  8. Suicidia Follows Hauntingly
  9. A Labyrinth of Thoughts
  10. Spectral Witch of the Hex River

Watch “The Ambiguous Quest” official video here: