SPOILER Release Brand New Metal Concoction ‘The Nihilist’

Spoiler Band

The heart pounding new single filled with honest truths and a story of deep personal experience which kicks down the walls of hurt and pain, breaking silence on mental destruction and nihilism.

This dark and heavy track comes from SPOILER after a recent line-up change, where instrumentalist Will Cattanach moved from lead guitar to taking on the role of lead vocalist. It brought a powerfully fresh edition to the band’s music.

Inspired by the story of estrangement that guitarist Chris Blake has endured, it’s a story but one with no certain ending, as the lyrics purposely portray the open ended pain that comes from situations that are completely out of your control.

Chris explains, “Anyone that has found themselves having fallen out with a family member, loved one or even a friend which has resulted in an indefinite separation will be able to relate to the sadness and weight that comes with that.”

Signifying the grieving process of losing someone to estrangement, it portrays the mental affect it can have on anyone that finds themselves without that person or persons in their life. The track leaves the listener hanging on for an ending that never comes, leading them down a road of pain and mental anguish drawn by anger and frustration. This in turn enables a person to give up on everything, bearing nothing but resentment in the process — in effect becoming “The Nihilist.”