STRYPER’s MICHAEL SWEET: There’s A Reason Albums From ’70s And ’80s Still Top Sales Charts

Stryper Michael Sweet

STRYPER guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet has clarified his recent comments regarding the quality of the new rock albums being released today, explaining that “we all need to strive to write, record and produce great music.”

In a new post on his Facebook page, Sweet wrote: “I know sometimes things that I say in interviews may ruffle feathers. I certainly know that my book ruffled a lot of feathers. I will say, though, that I’m much harder on myself than anyone else.

“My most recent comment about ‘a lot of bands’ music is crap’ was meant to say that we all (bands/musicians) need to strive to write, record and produce great music. If you read the entire article, you’ll see that this is what I was trying to convey.

“Do I write and record crap songs? Well, yes — at times. But I try very hard to write and record great songs. I throw out just as many ideas/songs as the keepers.

“Don’t put ‘b’ sides on an album just to fill in the blank spaces. Give the fans, radio, the world their money’s worth. I believe that with this mentality the state of rock music just may turn around. I also base this on the fans. If the fans are happy, I’m happy! If the fans are not happy, then it’s time to reevaluate things and try to figure out why. Listen to the fans!

“Many albums (in my opinion) are not what they should have or could have been. Some bands (NOT all!) release mediocre music at best and then wonder why it didn’t do well? I wonder why…

“It’s a message to all bands (including STRYPER) to give your best and the rest will fall into place. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve purchased music only to be completely let down with either the music, the performances, the production and often enough — all of the above. It’s mind-boggling to me. We’re artists and we should be creating the best art of our careers, improving upon the last project. We (STRYPER) may not always succeed but I can tell you that we always try to — always.

“Here are some notable, amazing albums (from our era) to have come out in the past few years or that are coming out (again, my opinion) that hit the bullseye:

QUEENSRŸCHE – Queensrÿche
WINGER – Better Days Coming
BLACK STAR RIDERS – Killer Instinct
ACCEPT – Blind Rage

“There’s a reason why albums from the ’70s and ’80s still top the sales charts at Amazon and iTunes. I think many of them were a cut above and they still out sale most of what is being released today. Why? Because they’re better. We all need to do better…”

STRYPER entered SpiritHouse Recording Studios in Northampton, Massachusetts last month to begin recording its new album, “Fallen”, for a late 2015 release via Frontiers. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include “Let There Be Light”, ‘Big Screen Lies”, the title track and a cover version of the BLACK SABBATH classic “After Forever”.

“Fallen” will include a song that was co-written by SEVENDUST guitarist Clint Lowery.


Source: Blabbermouth

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