SUICIDAL TENDECIES’ MIKE MUIR Says ‘We’re Not for Everybody, We Never Were Supposed to Be, We’re Not Supposed to Be a Big Band’

There are some dudes we must respect for their integrity. Mike Muir is one of them. No matter what he’s been loyal to his beliefs, and we know how hard it is to have beliefs that go against trends and everything else. In an interview to Full Metal Jacket he talked about Sucidal Tendencies’ philosophy:

“We’re not for everybody, we never were supposed to be, we’re not supposed to be a big band.”

“We got bigger than we should have been, but, fortunately not big as other bands are – we’d probably be very unhappy.”

“But I think what we do has meant a lot to other people and to be able to have an opportunity to go out there and people discover you, and still discover you, and appreciate what you’re doing.”

“You can tell that – I believe we’re doing it for the right reasons. My dad always said, ‘Sweat don’t lie.'”

“And any show we do, we know it may be our last one. We want it to be the best show we ever did and put in all the energy and stuff. There’s usually going to be a lot of energy and a lot of effort and I think people see that.”

“That is the biggest barometer for me. If I look back at, it’s like appreciating things and stuff. If someone would have said when I was that young, that like, ‘Hey the guitar player of the Sex Pistols is going to play on a solo record for you,’ I’d be like, ‘What are you talking about?'”

“When Infectious Grooves had Ozzy sing on ‘Therapy,’ someone said, ‘Hey, one day you’re going to do a song and sing with Ozzy and stuff,’ I’d be like, ‘What are you talking about?'”