SURVIVE Share New Lyrics Live Video ‘Wrath’ From ‘Live At Death Valley’


On May 4th, Japanese Thrash Metal veterans “Samurais From Hell” SURVIVE – active for more than 20 years + with 7 studio albums released so far – unleashed their first ever live album “Live At Death Valley” in conspiracy with Pest Records. The CD version features 8 tracks plus a bonus EP made of 4 tracks, one having Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan (Venom Inc) as special guest! Today the band have released a lyric video for “Wrath” taken from the live album. Video was created by Mohsen “Stargazer” Fayazi.

Watch the new “Wrath” lyrics video below!

Here’s what the legendary Mantas from Venom Inc. had to say about SURVIVE’s live potential:

“I had the pleasure and honor of touring Europe with Survive and they proved themselves to be a valuable asset to the touring package. I can say without hesitation or reservations that they were most definitely my favorite band on the tour. Incredibly nice and gracious guys who obviously loved their music and delivered every single night.
I gave them the nickname ‘The Japanese Machine Head’ a song that they played at every sound check became the tour anthem because of its wonderful chorus structure. Melody, hook lines and brutally heavy guitar riffs define this amazing band who deserve global recognition. Maximum Respect from Jeff (Mantas)”

Track list :
3_F**k Against Authority
4_Obey Your Own Army Corps
5_Rules Of Lies
6_Immortal Warriros
7_Human Misery
8_the Road to hell is paved by goodwill

“It is easy to be technically brilliant metal band in the studio but the true trial by fire is a Live album! With this “Live At Death Valley” album SURVIVE proves they are truly the “Samurais From Hell”! The album was mixed live so it is 100% authentic, no studio gimmicks! Great songs, fantastic technical skills! On top of that you get great new bonus tracks! Brilliant!” – Kimmo Kuusniemi, Band Manager, Sarcofagus Guitarist