Sweet Blood – Initiation

 Bridging the gap between metal and rock is a trick that millions of people have tried their hands at over the years with varying degrees of success. It’s a very volatile concoction to say the least. One small mishap in one direction and your formula could easily go awry. Going into Sweet Blood’s latest offering of “Initiation”, I simply didn’t know what to expect, but further investigation shows that Sweet Blood has both the capacity and the talent to pull it off.

Many bands have tried it, but it’s incantations the likes of which “Initiation” that make people want to keep trying to hit that real nice sweet spot. Practically everything that Sweet Blood could’ve done it make this record a very enjoyable creation was pulled off splendidly without a single hitch in the overall quality. “Initiation” manages to incorporate elements from all over as we’re given plenty of melody backed up by loads of melody, terrific musicianship, and an all-encompassing sense of fun that washes over you as you listen to this exceptional piece. Luckily, Sweet Blood doesn’t lose themselves in trying to find a specific sound and making it work as “Initiation” boasts an real roller-coaster of a track listing that adds to the sheer amount of fun that one can find within this piece. There’s nothing quite to the extent of head-banging nor is it light enough for a mere tapping of the foot, but there’s no denying that Sweet Blood truly knows how to satisfy with a hard rock approach the likes of which we’ve seen plenty of times, but it never really gets old. Done right, just about any style can shine brighter than the sun, and “Initiation” definitely fits such a bill all the way.

The transition from metal to rock has always been a tricky one, like I said, and luckily we get bands like Sweet Blood that make very exceptional albums for us to eat up like it’s homemade ice cream! “Initiation” shows us that this band is more than capable of bridging that gap in ways that not many bands can do effectively. I can only see these guys getting better in the future, and I’d do well to keep my eye on them as you should too.

Track Listing:

  1. Acid Ritual
  2. Immaculate
  3. Dance
  4. This Spell
  5. It Ain’t Like That
  6. Camera
  7. Suicide Doors
  8. WWIII
  9. Sweet Blood