BANE Set Their “Esoteric Formulae”

Heavy music purveyors Black Market Metal Label are proud to announce the release of “Esoteric Formulae” by blackened death metallers BANE, coming out November 30th. Bringing swirling symphonies and melodic passages meshed with an …

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Bane – Esoteric Formulae

Laymen, HM detractors and haters love to say that it lacks melody in HM songs. What it’s hard to make them understand is that HM is the musical that praises …

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BANE Stream New Song ‘Into Oblivion’

Bane band

Blackened death metal band BANE are now streaming their new song “Into Oblivion”, which is available below. The song features a guest appearance from Amduscias of Temple of Baal. “Into Oblivion” is …

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