TED NUGENT Says ‘The Dumbing Down Of America Has Been On The Fast Track Since The 1950s’

Ted Nugent Facebook Live 2020

Ted Nugent stated that the main reasons the “red wave” didn’t come to fruition during the midterm elections were “apathy”, “ignorance”, and an ineffective election process.

If the red wave had come to fruition, Republicans would have taken control of Congress as well as important positions in pivotal states. Although they may still win the majority, it will be by a less considerable margin than Democrats were worried about.

Nugent, an ardent supporter of ex-U.S. president Donald Trump, who saw his favored candidates lose across the country yesterday, offered his thoughts on the election results during last night’s edition of “The Nightly Nuge.”

When asked by co-host Keith Mark why he thinks the results turned out not to be what many Republicans were expecting, or hoping for, Ted responded: “The people that voted Democrat, they voted for the importation of fentanyl to kill their fellow Americans. ‘Well, I didn’t vote [for that].’ Yes, you did. That’s what they did. They voted for us to be subservient to China. ‘Well, I didn’t vote [for that].’ Yes, you did. And you need to engage your friends and say, ‘You know, if you’re not registered to vote, China, the communist Chinese, would like to thank you. It is that glaring.

“The dumbing down of America has been on the fast track since the 1950s,” Nugent added. “I mean, literally what’s not taught in school and what is indoctrinated in school is an intentional dumbing down, so people are less knowledgeable, less smart and less suspicious of authority. Also, it’s at all-time high that people don’t care. So you have apathy and ignorance. And then add to that that the election process is dramatically flawed — dangerously flawed — and until we fix that, we’ll never know what the real heartbeat of America is.”