Terra – Für Existiert Das Alles Nicht Review

Terra - Für Existiert Das Alles Nicht For starters, this album tittle really rocks. “Für Existiert Das Alles Nicht” whose rough translation would be ‘For All This Does Not Exist’ does justice for what my dear child of the night will hear. From the very beginning with unwelcoming track “The Beginning” the feelings of solitude and emptyness will fulfill all the void of existence that there is in all of us. In a matter of fact, from top notch researches it seems that the universe is full of a dark matter that is more abundant than matter itself. Moreover, it seems that the order of the universe is to be filled of nothingness. And now the universe bows to Nietzsche. Terra do too. So much for the happy dreams of many pop bands of this sad and lonely and pthetic little planet.

Ok, it’s not the first we have this kind of Atmospheric Black Metal album with no proper vocals just roars and out-of-this-world yells and an astonishing instrumental. From it my child of the nght will feel all the despair and the void that existence imposes on us. Going ahead, all the despair and the void that reality imposes on us. There are only four tracks in “Für Existiert Das Alles Nicht” all of them with more than 15 minutes which means Terra have to be carefully creative not to let the fan down and bored. well, the band does that with flying colors. The album is moody – of course – and there are lots of changes of hearts and plot twists in all tracks. The more interesting trait in the album is how the band speeds up the cadence out of the blue. In one instant everything is going normal to then in a sudden speed up. I guess that “Gelbwerdend” explains all this much better than I do. During its 18 minutes of pure non-existence delight the tracks goes from the subtle to the gnarly. Not for the waek at heart. A highlight to the tight drumming of Luke Braddick who can speed up and slow down in a blink of an eye. Maybe philosophically “The End My End” would be the track that wraps it all up in terms of what messages Terra want to pass. Just a guess.

All four tracks of “Für Existiert Das Alles Nicht” could be labeled as monolithic as they follow the rules of following no rules. There are such albums that follow strictely this sole idea. “Für Existiert Das Alles Nicht” is one of them. Lucky us.

P.S.: Interesting fact, even though the album tittle and some track tittles are in German, Terra aren’t from Germany. Just to you my child of the night to know.

Terra “Für Existiert Das Alles Nicht” will be released on September 30th.

  1. The Beginning
  2. Verisimilitude
  3. Gelbwerdend
  4. The End My End