The Agonist – Eye of Providence

The Agonist - Eye Of Providence  Progressive metal act The Agonist’s latest album “Eye of Providence” is the absolute epitome of female fronted progressive metal of today’s metal acts because this album has all the works needed to make an album truly great: awesome vocals, badass guitars, killer drums, and a feel to the album that feels fresh and yet familiar. Cliche, I know, but get over it because it’s true. Progressive metal always feel regurgitated and never evolves but The Agonist has brought a new dimension to the genre with “Eye of Providence” with its immense sound and texture to it that persists the entire time and is an instant hook for any metal fan who’s big into melody in their music along with vocals that shift and change from the more well known screaming to beautiful soft singing. But just overall “Eye of Providence” is a very, very solid album that I cannot recommend enough for any metal fan out there who’s open to new s**t and can have a good time with melodic vocals to it.

You can purchase “Eye of Providence” on iTunes here and stream it via Spotify here.


Track Listing:

  1. Gates of Horn and Ivory
  2. My Witness, Your Victim
  3. Danse Macabre
  4. I Endeavor
  5. Faceless Messenger
  6. Perpetual Notion
  7. A Necessary Evil
  8. Architects Hallucinate
  9. Disconnect Me
  10. The Perfect Embodiment
  11. A Gentle Disease
  12. Follow the Crossed Line
  13. As Above, So Below