The Bleeding – Monokrator Review

The Bleeding is a great name for an Extreme Metal band. I just wonder why this name hasn’t been taken before. Well, truthfully, I really don’t know. I would have to ask my dear Metallum Encyclopaedia to get it right, but I’m not really in the mood. It happens all the time. Besides the excellent name, The Bleeding deliver my dear child of the night some quality Thrash Metal – I think I could call the music in here Thrash Metal. But not that Thrash Metal mostly performed out there. In fact, there is something of the urgency of the1980s music here in the album. There is something of Metal Church in “Monocrator.” The guitars have the same martial mesmerizing riffing that makes the fan bang at large. Vocalist Jamie Stungo’s tone of voice has a lot to do with it as well. This influence is the thing that makes the music in here different. “Monocrator” bounces between a more acid Old School Heavy Metal and a not so fast Thrash Metal with all the corrosive structure it must have. Opener track “Chemical Lobotomy” and, for instance, “On Wings of Tribulation” show that to my dear fan.

Some say that the album tittle track is the one which tells the most about a band and an album. This couldn’t go wrong with “Monocrator.” From where I’m standing, it’s the track that among all tracks showcases the best approach with Metal Church with more aggression and ferocity. There is a feeling of ferocity in the album that gets the fan by the guts. I’d say that besides that the album delivers tons of an acid mood that corrodes the fan’s ears. By the way, speaking of corrosion, there is the album welcomer “Chemical Lobotomy” with its Hardcore urgency that seems to hit the fan in the face. The vocals sound like a machine gun of words as Hardcore bands used to love in the 1980s. Besides that the fast single bass drumming with a fast guitar riffing. All this wouldn’t be perfect without the tempo breaks that the band takes once in a while. Following track “Chainsaw Deathcult” follows the same urgency being even faster than its predecessor. Here the guitar form that wall of sound so much appreciated. A plus is the metallic bass that thunders the sky. Pretty Hardcore spirit with so Metal guitar solos.

This is an album that my dear child of the night will love at first sight. The Bleeding deliver a pretty competent sound with the feelings of a great band as Metal Church.

The Bleeding “Monocrator” was released on June 09th via Redefining Darkness.

Track Listing:

  1. Chemical Lobotomy
  2. Chainsaw Deathcult
  3. Mutation Chamber
  4. Union of Horror
  5. Screams of Torment
  6. On Wings of Tribulation
  7. Monocrator
  8. Throes of Repulsion

Watch “Monocrator” official video here: