THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM Signs To Nuclear Blast; New EP Out In November


THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM is the name of CANDLEMASS mastermind Leif Edling‘s new band.
Formed two years ago in the limbo of a chronic fatigue disease, he has taken the time to write, record and cleverly shape this new beast called THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM! The first EP entitled “Never Machine” will see the light of a dark autumn day on November 25th.

“We are very happy to announce that THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM has now signed with the German label Nuclear Blast!”, Doomfather Leif Edling states. “There have been whisperings from the underworld this year that something great is about to happen, and today we can proudly reveal that the dead has risen again to deliver a motherf**ker of an album!”

Nuclear Blast comments: “Metal from the dungeons! Music from the catacombs! Call it what you want, it is metal the way metal should sound! Fiery, thrilling, razor sharp, heavy, intense! Created with a love and passion that bleeds with every note and is destined to smitten like rabies!

The new EP “Never Machine” will contain these four enthralling Songs as demo-versions:
01. Never Machine
02. The Sceptre
03. Zodiac City
04. The Whispering

These are the different formats that you can now pre-order in our Nuclear Blast shop here.

But this EP is only the beginning of a new era of haunting doom and spooky melodies: You, dear listener, will get eternal goosebumps in March 2017 when THE DOOMSDAY KINGDOM releases its debut album on Nuclear Blast!