The Necrosexual – Seeds of Seduction Review

Ok, forget the bad taste and poor judgement CD cover which is maybe inspired on Accept’s “Ball to the Walls” or on W.A.S.P.’s use of raw meat in their shows. Also forget the poor pun of words with the CD cover and the CD tittle. Again forget the initial seconds of the album with the Hard Rock parody and the childish laughing. Now we can talk.

For what I’ve heard with the three tracks of “Seeds of Seduction” – I still think three songs aren’t enough to pass a judgement, but whatever – The Necrosexual is a weird and unexpected mix of Venom, Slayer, Manowar, and Steel Panther (!?). Venom because of the elements of 1980s Speed Black Metal, Slayer for the same reasons and for the falsettos in singing, Manowar for the CD cover and the guitar solos which sound as a separate part of the song, a thing that Ross The Boss used to do very, and Steel Panther for the image and atittude and because I’m still wondering if the band is for real or not. I really don’t know. Too harsh or strict? No, not at all. Metal music is especially known for all its excesses and they’re part of the music. I’m here to make an analysis. Just that. I have the moral obligation of writing what I listen and see.

Musicwise, “Seeds of Seduction” is an interesting album. So interesting that it is real hard to label it as The Necrosexual combine lots of Metal influences in it. Giving this matter an aditional thought, I came up wityh a solution that may be satisfying for everyone – The Necrosexual is a modern verson of Venom. Truth to be told, musicwise The Necrosexual is far away from Venom as the instrumentals here are far more complex and neat. As I said before, the guitars are nice and the guitar solos remind a lot what Manowar’s Ross The Boss used to do regarding to velocity and technique. But vocals and especially its debauchery is all Venom. In “A Long Time To Die” guitarist The Vigo shows everything he’s got varying the techniques and the velocity on playing. Intersting fact is that drummer The Fury Of Churry plays the guitar solo in “Chaos Command.”

The music in “Seeds of Seduction” is okay. It satisfies the senses as the band likes to put in the press release. Maybe I haven’t understood the band intent. It’s always a viable and valid explanation. The problem is that the fan may not know if they’re the real deal, and between you and me, this bothers a Metal fan. Metal fans are loyal but they have their standards. Venom, The Necrosexual inspiration, have never been considered a seminal Black Metal band because most of the time the band didn’t sound serious. Their appeal to the occult seemed to be fake. Let’s give them time and wait for the next effort.

The Necrosexual “Seeds of Seduction” will be released on September 03rd via Folkvangr Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Chaos Command
  2. Screamin’ for the Steamin’ Demon Semen
  3. A Long Time to Die

Watch “Chaos Command” official music video here: