THE TRIGGER Release New Music Video ‘Pray’

The Trigger Pray

Female fronted heavy metal band, THE TRIGGER, released a music video for “Pray” their first single on Massacre Records and an opening track of the upcoming English debut album, The Time of Miracles!

With mighty downtuned riffs and unique female vocals, “Pray” delivers a clear message about historical exploitation and abuse in the name of religion and the capacity of mankind to twist the most noble ideas and principles into excuses for darkest deeds.

The concept, lyrics and artwork of the album symbolically portray society’s fast decay and weakness of human nature, sarcastically describing the age we are living in as The Time of Miracles.

The Time of Miracles will be released on July 26th via Massacre Records.

New album will feature 12 songs full of heavy guitars, sophisticated vocal lines, catchy riffs and strong lyrics.

While THE TRIGGER may be a new name for metal fans worldwide, the band has been very active on the regional music scene since 2005. They have released three critically acclaimed full-length albums in their language and have been supporting them with a large number of live shows. 

The experience of living in a crumbling society and relentless will to rise above the circumstances engraved themselves into their music: energetic, melodic sound with very dark lyrical content. The band has been awarded with the string of awards along the way and earned a loyal regional following. Music influences range from prog and heavy metal to gothic rock with modern metal production. 

THE TRIGGER is lauded for its tenacity and uncompromising attitude, Milena Brankovic’s unique powerful vocals and striking stage presence, as well as Dusan Svilokos’ songwriting and guitar chops. The Time of Miracles will be their first international release.

The Trigger The Time of Miracles