There Is Not A Single Bad Song On Latest GODSMACK Album, Says Band’s Bassist


During an appearance on the Mike James Rock Show, GODSMACK bassist Robbie Merrill talked about the band’s latest studio album, last year’s When Legends Rise, saying there isn’t a single bad song on the CD.

He said: “Every record we do, we really work hard at it, we believe in it. And the songs, if we don’t believe in them, we get rid of ’em. So we’re proud of everything that we’ve done. Same thing with this record.

“Like I was telling Tony [Rombola, guitar] earlier, there’s some songs on some of the other records that I didn’t like, but they’re okay – they’re good.

“And you listen back 10 years later, and I still don’t like ’em, where this record here [When Legends Rise], every song on it was good. There’s not a bad song on the CD.”

Remembering his initial reaction to the album’s demos, Robbie said: “‘Bulletproof,’ it took me a second to really zone in on it, but by the middle of the chorus, I’m, like, ‘Alright. This could work. If we record it right and get the right sounds that we’re looking for, it could work.’

“And then ‘When Legends Rise’ was a fun song, funky song. Then he also had some Godsmack-ish-type songs – ‘Eye of the Storm’ and ‘Say My Name,’ which we play live. So it had a variety of ‘newness,’ and it also had what we are about.

“And we also stepped it up with the vocals too – a lot more harmonies. We weren’t sure how we were gonna play it live, but we ended up just doing it, just pulling it off. We worked real hard with the vocals and that kind of thing.”