There’s Now Third Version Of BATUSHKA Formed By The Russian Orthodox Priests


As if the two BATUSHKAs and the beef between Krysiuk and Drabikowski weren’t enough, here comes the third version of the band claiming they’re the real deal.

This one is spelled BATYUSHKA, since they say this is how name should be correctly spelled.

They released the debut album, Батюшка, on September 12 and is available on Bandcamp.

This is what the band had to say along with they release: “A true БАТЮШКА band formed by the orthodox priests from Russia. We are not some bunch of larping posers, but true christians comparing to some fake larpers who can’t even spell the name correctly. We stand against satatanism or mockery of our christian religion in any form.

You can hear their new album below.

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