Thulcandra – Ascension Lost

PromoImage (16)  Thulcandra’s latest helping of blackened death metal is certainly something that us fans of both genres can both love and respect in every way.

“Ascension Lost” has the vocals that both genres have become very associated with, the guitars are melodic and yet still have that raw brutality that puts the “death” in death metal, and drums that just absolutely tear up your ears for almost the entirely of the album. I say “almost” because there’s a calm instrumental in there (which I love).

While I will say that “Ascension Lost” isn’t the greatest black/death metal album I’ve heard in my life, I can say with utmost confidence that this is something that I know a lot of people will be able to enjoy this album as much as I have and give it the life and share it’s awesomeness as I am now.

“Ascension Lost” is available for purchase on iTunes here and for streaming via Spotify here.


Track Listing:

  1. The First Rebellion
  2. Throne of Will
  3. Deliverance In Sin and Death
  4. Demigod Imprisoned
  5. Interlude
  6. Exalted Resistance
  7. The Second Fall
  8. Sorrow of the One
  9. Ascension Lost
  10. Outro
  11. Perishness Around Us (Bonus Track)
  12. Frozen Kingdom (Bonus Track)
  13. Dreaming (Bonus Track)
  14. Immortality (Bonus Track)
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