THŪN Releasing Debut Album In June; NILE’s KARL SANDERS On Lead Guitar

Thun band

International metal collective THŪN, featuring Jon Higgs (guitar/vocals) and Hugo Wilkinson (bass) of MONSTERWORKS, alongside James Knoerl (drums, GARGOYLE), will release its debut self-titled album June 16 via Eat Lead and Die Music. Lead guitar on the album was wrestled into submission by none other than Karl Sanders of NILE.

The album’s title track is streaming below via Bandcamp widget.

THŪN was devised as an outlet for the steady stock-pile of new music created by Jon during the pandemic, which had effectively left MONSTERWORKS and other related projects on hiatus. The style can be described as epic death metal, some discordant doom …and plenty of old school SABBATH and PRIEST influences.

The narrative concept is adjacent to BULL ELEPHANT, an entity also part of the greater Eat Lead and Die Music collective. In other words, THŪN draws from the same loosely Lovecraftian mythos; set in modern day or near future. The antagonists are every corporation or person that puts profit before preservation of the natural world. With tentacles.

THŪN is a virtual effort in that each musician, in the UK and US respectively, handled their own recording/production, with final mixing by Jon and dynamic mastering by Damian Herring (HORRENDOUS, Subterranean Watchtower Studios).

The album will be available from Bandcamp as a 24-bit full dynamic range download with PDF lyric book. The companion physical release is a limited edition 24-page hard bound 8-inch square artbook, because: CDs are obsolete, new vinyl is for posers, cassettes are for hipster posers and subscription streaming is for suckers that actively endorse the devaluation of music. Pre-orders are available here.