Thy Kingdom – Will Burn The Void and the Vengeance Review

Here we’ve got a band that has been giving outstanding moves. Their debut album 2021’s Thy Kingdom Will Burn proved to be made of the same powerfull steel great albums are made of. Melodic Death Metal with that something else. That something else is the neat care for the production and the songwriting that highlights everything in the album. Besides all that, that album showed for me one especial features that I didn’t notice in the previous album. It was the vocals. Its tone reminded me a lot my dear and appreciated Cirith Ungol’s Tim Baker in some tracks. Not all of them, of course. However, some of them have his peculiar and quirky sound as “Disbelief,” “Veil of Wicked Sky,” and others. Ok, maybe I’m a little too addicted to Cirith Ungol but that’s the impression I got. But give it a try listening to “Nothing Remains” and tell me what you feel. Maybe the track where the voices get to close.

As a Melodic Death Metal Thy Kingdom Will Burn reached one thing that many bands try but can’t absolutely achieve. That is to set themselves apart from the subgenre giants and staplers Amon Amarth. It seems an easy thing to do but not that easy. Easier said than done. But Thy Kingdom Will Burn were able to do it with flying colors. “The Void and the Vengeance” was build with the precision and care of an artisan that carefully shapes all the materials needed in the construction. An album is also built as a matter of saying. A quaint albu if you know what I’m saying. As I said in the aforementioned review, the band really knows how to balance the tracks delivering a great deal of energy, emotion, melody, and of course, aggression. Each track was carefully shaped to give the fan the highest value possible. By value I mean the feelings the album takes from the fan. A Metal album has to provoke many reactions to it.

The neat guitars are the stapler I guess I like here the most. They were carefully designed to achive he best outcome possible in terms of punch and emotion and melody. That’s by far the feature I like most in Melodic Death Metal. Thy Kingdom Will Burn and “The Void and the Vengeance” showed that the combination of sharp guitars and melody is always possible.

Thy Kingdom Will Burn “The Void and the Vengeance” will be released on May 20th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Between Two Worlds
  2. Disbelief
  3. Veil of Wicked Sky
  4. Fortress of Solitude
  5. Nothing Remains
  6. Barren Land
  7. Siren of Doom
  8. Serpents
  9. Through the Bronken Lens

Watch “Nothing Remains” official video here: