Timescale – Axiom Review

The Power Metal Timescale deliver here with “Axiom” has a different conotation than the fan may be used to. It is more near to American Power Metal bands as Omen and Iced Earth than to European ones. Also, there is a big resemblance of Iced Earth in tracks as “What They Say” and “Leave It All Behind” this one with a different use of the keyboards. The difference here is that Timescale don’t abuse of Classical Music features to build up their songs and instrumentals. On the other hand they use heavier and faster Metal features and allow themselves to use other features form other Metal references and some electronic effects via keyboards. It’s interesting to note that the instrumentals in tracks as “Creeps” remind a lot Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force in the way they use the constant pounding provided by the double bass techniques and the rhythm guitars.

The thing that sparks the attention to the music in “Axiom” is the use of the keyboards. As I said before, they are very varied and, sometimes, a bit unusual if only Power Metal bands are considered. This makes Timescale to be a reminder to diverse bands as Nightwish in “Queen of Nevermore” and “Mother Earth,” – the only song that has a lot of Classical Music references along some pop ballads as well – or the ones I mentioned above. I can’t help it to remember that once upon a time in a distant Metal galaxy keyboards were forbiden into Metal music. It’s famous a passage at the Iron Maiden’s video “Behind the Iron Curtains” where Mr. Bruce Dickinson tells a Polish fan that to play Metal music with keyboards is impossible. Time proved him wrong. Thanks these days are gone, because it would be impossible to have a band like Timescale and many others. 

“Axiom” is a bold mix of sweet and kind textures with striking pounding guitars even though under the umbrella of Power Metal. From the beginning the fan may notice that by opening track “Edge of the Storm” which shows all those features. I have to say that Timescale got a pretty different grip, if you ask me.

Timescale “Axiom” was released on November 20th via Timescale.

Track Listing:

  1. Edge of the Storm
  2. Come with Me
  3. Only the Fools
  4. What They Say
  5. Leave it All Behind
  6. Creeps
  7. Still Alive
  8. Queen of Nevermore
  9. Mother Earth

Watch “What They Say” official video here:

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