TOBIAS FORGE Wants To Be An Actor

In an interview with Andy Hall, Tobias Forge talked about Ghost’s characters (The Papa) and about being an actor himself. But, the burning question is: isn’t he? Take a look:

On The Papa

“Both, I guess. It’s hard to avoid having a little bit of yourself in whatever character you are portraying. But it’s more like a stereotype of a certain kind of man in this case.

“It’s a mixture between Dracula and Chief Inspector Clouseau. Sort of a strong, somewhat charming, but still sort of pathetic man, with slightly more bark than bite. Kind of a mid-sized dog. [Laughs] Not really ferocious, but one hell of a bark.

On the characters and their relation to Ghost’s music

“They’re not part of the writing so that has very little to do with it. As far as their influences go, I don’t know. [Laughs] I’m assuming it’s very classical.”

“I wouldn’t expect either of the Papas nor the Cardinal to be remotely interested in heavy metal. Whereas I am. They’re a little bit more classical, I guess.”

On being an actor

“I have wanted to become an actor for my whole life, actually. I’ve always been very, very interested in cinema. I’ve always been interested in the idea of working with cinema. And the acting is one aspect of it that I’m interested in – I’m equally interested in writing and…”

“If I had the time, if I had the money, and the resources and the ability, I would definitely explore making films. And if I was making films, or series or whatever – anything that has motion picture – I would definitely entertain the idea of maybe playing roles, to a degree, myself.”

“But the idea of acting is also very, very based on who you are. Also, from a shallow point of view, depending on how you see it – it’s what you look like, how you speak.”

“And certain actors… There are plenty of examples of actors become good actors at a very old age. Both men and women. Because when they were younger, they didn’t have the character personally that was needed and was recognizable as a certain type of character that they could later portray.”

“And I understand that me not being of a certain height or looking the certain way or… that that doesn’t necessarily present my type with an endless array of possibilities, I could probably play certain characters.”

“I would love to do acting. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be like big films with big starring things. Watching a lot of cinema and watching a lot of films and series, from a wanting-to-become-an-actor point of view, there’s often times when I see characters in films where I feel like, ‘I wanted to play that person.'”

“But that could be like a complete idiot. Or somebody who’s like a loser or dick or someone who’s way too ‘this’ or too ‘that.’ Because I see a certain… I could fit into that mold.”

“So I wouldn’t necessarily go into that territory thinking that I can play big muscular heroes or anything.”