TOMMY LEE Pissed Off After Being Kicked Out Of Famous New Orleans Restaurant (Video)

Tommy Lee

MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee claims that he was kicked out of famous New Orleans restaurant Emeril’s due to his casual attire.

Tommy and his wife, Brittany Furlan, spoke about the incident with TMZ. In the video, the 32-year-old Furlan said: “It was actually really stupid. We literally go in there and we sit down and I have a hat on and [Tommy] has a hat on and the waitress, or the host or whatever, goes, ‘Yeah, you have to take your hat off, sir.’ And I was, like, ‘What about my hat?’ And she’s, like ‘Your hat’s fine, but he has to take his off.'”

She also added that Lee was wearing a “regular” baseball cap. “So [Tommy] was, like, ‘Oh, what the f*ck’ and took it off and put it on his lap, and then this guy comes up to our table — we have no problem, the hat’s off everything’s cool — and is, like, ‘Excuse me, I heard you use profanity.’”

When they were asked to leave, Lee responded: “You know what? F*ck you. We’re leaving.”

Lee also tweeted: “Hey @Emeril, I just was at your restaurant in New Orleans and was aggressively asked to leave because I was upset about removing my hat. I removed it and they still came up to the table and gave me a hard time. Wtf dude????”
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