Torchia – Ending Beginning

11751125_691144084363045_1932369883_n Nowadays with there being an infinite amount of bands trying to find their foothold in the world of death metal, it is extremely hard for them to gain any sort of recognition unless they are absolutely amazing and even then it’s hard to get out into the world. Torchia are no different with their new EP “Ending Beginning” as they don’t bring anything amazingly impressive to the table, but they show that they can make some solid death metal in such a way that has laid the foundation for greater albums to come. All three tracks are crushing, no two ways about it, but they lack something within their composition that doesn’t make “Ending Beginning” as badass as it could be. Maybe a few more refined riffs here or there, but overall I have to say that the guitars were not lacking for a death metal fan like myself who can still find plenty to enjoy out of this album. The vocals were killer to say in the least and the drums had a very solid beat to them that really helped bring a good pace and brutality to “Ending Beginning” that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Overall, I’ve no doubt that Torchia can really make an impressive album that “Ending Beginning” has set the foundations for, but until then we have 3 crushing tracks that earn my thumbs up in approval.

You can stream “Ending Beginning” via Spotify here.


Track Listing:

  1. Ending Beginning
  2. My Land Shall Burn
  3. They Haunt Behind Us
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