TORO Drops Official Video For “Painting With Shadows”

Lately, I have been trying to refrain from using obscenity in what I write because my dear Aunt Phyllis likes to read my stuff sometimes. This time I’m not going to be able to help it. Sorry “Timmy”, but this is f**king amazing!

I was first introduced to the music of one Zack Hembree from a band I have always loved called MUSIC HATES YOU. He was the guitar player and even earned being in a documentary about southern metal.

Well, Zack has dropped some new stuff in a band called TORO, in which he sings, and if I don’t share this with you I’m not doing my job. Not only is this and every other song on the EP amazing, but whoever shot and edited this video is a f**king genius.

This is one of those perfect pieces of work that I am very proud to share.

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